A busy, working family wanted seafood delivery options – so they set out to find them.

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To make it convenient for Americans to thrive on the health benefits of seafood.

An Inspired Idea

Some ideas evolve over time, and some hit you square in the face on your last day of a much needed vacation. The latter happened to these former college teammates as they soaked up their last few hours of sunshine in coastal Mexico.

Both born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Emily and Melissa often talked about business ideas that would lead to more quality time with their families and more flexible work hours, but they never thought they’d run ashore in the seafood business.



Born and raised in south Louisiana, Melissa can hardly recall a family vacation that didn’t involve fishing or crabbing along the gulf coast. An avid seafood lover, it is completely fitting that Melissa and her husband Chris have been in the seafood industry for the better part of a decade now. They have an unparalleled standard for quality and feel uniquely called to properly care for and responsibly source the best God-given natural seafood resources for their customers. As a mother of three, Melissa is ultimately passionate about bringing families together around the dinner table. If time permitted, she would spend all day in her kitchen because she feels a deep connection to serving others through the gift of a wholesome meal.



Emily and Melissa met at Texas A&M where they were college soccer teammates. Emily spent 14 years in the wine + spirits industry, working for one of the top distributors in the country- helping to build brands and bring them to market. She has a keen sense on what “makes” a brand and the technical skills to develop, refine and nurture it for growth. She has a deep passion for her family and serving others.


For Melissa, delivering fresh seafood to customers was no problem, but making it convenient to add fresh seafood to her family’s dinner routine proved to be a stumbling block. For Emily, her household had ever-changing schedules at mealtime due to the nature of outside sales jobs so her meal times rarely involved seafood because it wasn’t convenient to eat!

After the birth of her second child, Melissa was determined to incorporate the health benefits of seafood back into her diet again, so she asked Chris to portion, vacuum seal and freeze a few pounds of fish for her so that she could have it ready and available any night of the week. With the ability to move the portions from the freezer to the fridge in the morning, have them fully defrosted by her return home from work, and cooked and on the table in 20 minutes – Melissa was able to successfully feed her family the Dietary Recommendation of seafood 2x per week. The health benefits were an added bonus, as she realized that by incorporating seafood into her diet 2-3 days a week she was leaner and fitter than ever!

After years of throwing out seafood because “life happened” and it was no longer fresh, Emily and her husband, Vic, had reserved their seafood cravings for restaurant date nights – until one day Melissa sent Emily home with a cooler full of fresh fish- individually packaged and frozen at the peak of freshness. Suddenly, Emily and her family started eating fish 2-3 times a week – and they were hooked.

Fish Fixe was born...

There they were, sitting in a pool in Mexico having the same conversation that they frequently had, but this time over a shared experience that had touched both of their lives – seafood! Then, out of nowhere it hit them square in the face. If both of their busy families wanted and needed a more convenient way to incorporate seafood into their lives how many more people needed it?

And with that one simple question – Fish Fixe was born.

These partners are passionate about making it convenient for people to thrive on the health benefits of seafood. Join them on their journey as they make eating seafood 2x per week a lifestyle.

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The Crew

Setting sail is a team effort. Cheers to these two awesome husbands!

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