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We source the best.

And most responsibly harvested proteins in the seas so that you can be confident in the quality and the source of the seafood you purchase and prepare.

Our procurement process

It’s actually quite simple – we only source seafood that we would feed our family. We’ve been in the seafood business long enough to know that not all seafood is created equally and it is only as good as the care that has been put into it. We strategically partner with the best fishermen and fishmongers around so that you can be confident in the seafood you purchase and prepare.

Fish Fixe Guarantee
"We stand behind every product we sell - if it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for yours."
-Melissa - Founder | fish lover | amateur chef
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Wild Caught Mahi

Our Wild Caught Mahi is a delicious addition to your weeknight routine. It is a medium-firm fillet that stands up well to many cooking methods. Unlike the majority of Mahi on the market ours is untreated and in its perfect natural form.

Wild Caught | Product of Peru | Untreated

Cooking Methods: Very versatile mild, medium-firm textured white fish that can be grilled, baked, and pan seared.

scallops and pepper

Wild Caught Scallops

Our cold-water North Atlantic Sea Scallops are graded, rinsed and blast frozen within days of harvest.  Our scallops are “dry” meaning they have never been treated with any chemicals or preservatives.  The dryness of the scallops enable the firm, sweet texture to sear perfectly retaining the moisture of the scallop and help to prevent overcooking.

Wild Caught | Product of North America | No Chemicals or Additives

Cooking Methods: Seared, baked, broiled, sashimi

Maryland style crab cakes image

Maryland Crab Cakes

Our custom Fish Fixe Crab Cakes are as big in size as they are in flavor. They are made with 100% Wild Caught Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab and boast 5 oz. of unreal flavor, including Old Bay for that signature Maryland style. Enjoy them as a meal atop a crunchy slaw or as an appetizer to please the crowd.

Wild-caught | Product of USA

Cooking Methods: Baked, pan fried, atop a salad, seafood stuffing

hatch crab cakes before cook

Jalapeno Crab Cakes

Our Fish Fixe Jalapeno Hatch Crab Cakes are as big in size as they are in flavor. They are made with 100% Wild Caught Gulf of Mexico Blue Crab and boast 5 oz. of unreal jalapeno hatch flavor. They pack a smooth, yet mildly spicy heat! Enjoy them as a meal atop a crunchy slaw or slap them between a bun for a crab cake sandwich!

Wild-caught | Product of USA

Cooking Methods: Baked, fried, atop a salad

raw shrimp and lemon

Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

Our Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp have a sweet, superior flavor and firm texture.  They come raw peeled, tail-on so they can be easily sauteed, grilled, baked or fried with no prep. Our 16/20 Gulf Shrimp have no additives or enhancements – you can taste the difference.

Wild-caught | Product of USA

Cooking Methods: Grilled, sauteed, baked, broiled, boiled, fried

raw haddock

Wild Caught Icelandic Haddock

Our Wild Caught Icelandic Haddock is caught in the Northwest Westfjord region of Iceland. It is mild, slightly sweet and flaky in nature.  

Wild Caught | Sustainable | MSC Certified

Cooking Methods: Very versatile fish that can be broiled, baked, sauteed and fried

open ocean raised cobia

Open Ocean Raised Cobia

Our Open Blue Cobia is an absolutely delicious addition to your dinner routine. It is packed with essential nutrients, Omega-3’s and protein. It is a firm, yet flaky mild white fish that can be grilled or pan seared with ease. It is an excellent, responsibly raised seafood protein that supports sustainability and better oceans for tomorrow.

Ocean Raised | 100% Untreated | Product of Panama

Cooking Methods: Seared, sashimi, grilled


Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon

Our Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is rich and buttery and packed full of flavor. The fillets are leaner than our Norwegian Salmon and are best grilled or baked.

Wild-caught | Product of Alaska

Cooking Methods: Baked, grilled on cedar plank

Wild Caught Black Drum

Our Wild Caught Black Drum is day boat caught in Louisiana.  Black Drum have a flaky white texture and a mild taste just like Redfish – their more familiar cousin.

Wild Caught Louisiana | No GMOs | No Color Added

Untreated | Sustainably Sourced 

Cooking Methods: Seared, blackened, fried, baked

Wild Caught Gulf Snapper

Our Wild Caught Gulf Snapper is a staple on restaurant menus around the south. We buy fresh catch in Galveston, Texas – from known captains
with impeccable fishing practices. All of our snapper is 100% traceable and sustainably caught.

Wild Caught | Sustainable | Product of USA

Cooking Methods: Very versatile fish that can be broiled, baked, sautéed and fried

Norwegian Salmon

Our Atlantic Salmon is harvested, filleted, portioned and blast frozen within 48 hours of leaving the icy waters of Norway. The meticulous way in which these fish are cared for lends itself to a moist and flaky texture coupled with a mild and crisp taste. You can taste the difference.
Farm Raised in Norway | No GMOs | No Color Added | No Antibiotics | All Natural Diet of vegetable and marine raw materials | Open ocean net pens (2.5% fish to 97.5% water)
Cooking Methods: Baked, broiled, seared
Fish Fixe Rainbow Trout

Farm Raised Rainbow Trout

Our Rainbow Trout are raised in Rocky Mountain spring water filtered through land based farms along the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley.  The fresh, crisp taste of this mild and flaky fish is attributed to the pureness of the spring water and the pristine environment in which the fish are raised.  You can taste the difference!

Product of USA | Farm Raised | No Chemicals | No Antibiotics  No Additives | Sustainably Sourced | ASC Certified  

Cooking Methods: Pan seared, broiled, grilled

yellowfin tuna

Wild Caught Yellowfin Tuna

Our Yellowfin tuna is wild caught daily off The Maldives by local fishermen.  Sustainably sourced and untreated, the deep purple and brown hues of our Tuna are the spectacular color of – natural.  Unlike the majority of tuna on the market, our Tuna is not treated to enhance color.

Sustainable Product | No artificial colors |  Wild Caught

Shashimi Grade

Cooking Methods: seared, sashimi, grilled

New Fish Fixe Spice Blends

Organic Spice Blends

Meet our new line-up of organic, high-quality spice blends. We searched far and wide for all-natural ingredients that paired perfectly with our sea proteins and eliminated the need for a ton of prep work. 

No artificial ingredients| No artificial sweeteners | No artificial colors |  No preservatives |  Non GMO | Gluten Free

Cooking Methods: season seafood, ch*cken, roasted vegetables and more liberally! 

Responsibly sourced, always.