It’s the season of Lent and many of you have been abstaining from meat on Fridays, and perhaps turning to seafood for dinner.   So for the final Friday before Easter,  we’re bringing  you 5 easy ways to cook seafood at home. 


We find the easiest way to grill fish are kabobs.  They’re a breeze to assemble, nourishing and you can customize per people’s preferences.  Mahi, Cobia, Salmon and Shrimp are all great matches for the grill.  They’re easy to uniformly dice and pair well with a number of vegetables like onions, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini.  Thread the protein on a stick that’s been submerged in water, and rotate it with vegetables.   Season to your liking, but salt, pepper and avocado oil will give the kabob a great flavor.

Or try fixe-in’ Drunken Kabobs with Coconut rice. 
If it’s a washout, you can cook kabobs in the oven. Try Souvlaki Style Cobia with Tahini Butter.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, if you don’t have an air fryer, now is the time to get one.  The outcome doesn’t match the speed.  It shouldn’t be possible to cook your seafood for that short duration of time and the result be THAT tender and flaky, but it’s true, and we can’t get enough air fryer salmon.  We’re talking less than 10 minutes from prep to completion. 


We can’t deny it, fried fish is delicious, but we probably shouldn’t have a fish fry every night.  So we go for second best – panko crusted and cooked in the oven.  A majority of proteins in the Fish Fixe Shop can be breaded, whether that’s with panko or breadcrumbs or a gluten-free option.  We love Halibut, Haddock and Grouper.  

So how about fixe-in’ Baked Haddock


We know, we know – we need to find a new word for “simple” and “simply,” because we use it A LOT, yet we try to keep everything we do – SIMPLE!  We are feeling inclined to introduce a new term, uncomplicated.  Cooking fish on the stove is oh-so-uncomplicated.  Do you have avocado oil, salt, pepper, butter and lemon?  Well then you have yourself a meal.  Season the fish generously with salt and pepper and then add to a hot pan coated in avocado oil.  Cook evenly on both sides for 3-4 minutes, finish with a dab of butter and lemon juice. 

Or how about fixe-in’ Costa Rican Mahi with Thai Coconut Curry


Raw means it requires no cooking.  You read that right, we’ve uncomplicated, uncomplicated.  Our Cobia and Salmon work perfectly for a no-cooking-required dish and you guessed it, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble.  The trick, make sure you have a REELY sharp knife to dice and slice the fish. 

Last fall we introduced the versatile Cobia fish to our shop.  It quickly climbed the charts to one of our most purchased fish.  So how about fixin’ Cobia Sashimi Style with Spicy Ponzu. Or try fixe-in’ our Salmon Poke Bowl for an uber healthy lunch. 

 For more cooking inspiration visit The Fish Fixe Kitchen, and if you cook a simple, uncomplicated meal 😉 using Fish Fixe, tag us!