5 Reasons Why Starting 2023 with Seafood is Smart

New Year, New You?!?!  We have seen it everywhere and our first reaction is a slight eye roll. 

Anyone else start the year with an email box or Instagram feed chalk full of the hype to be something new or start something new? Apparently, because we turned the page on a calendar, we should expect ourselves to be better, shinier, healthier, different than we were a whole 11 days ago.

We completely agree that January holds a lot of promise and a fresh start feel.  But, here at Fish Fixe, we do not think you need a total overhaul.  We do not think you need to be new.  We think you need to be YOU.  Because we think you are whole and worthy and wonderful even if you don’t start a single new thing!

If you are here, you are already doing something incredibly good and healthy: eating seafood!  Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of seafood a week?!?!  That is why we deeply believe in our mission to get premium seafood straight from the sea to your doorstep!

Here are 5 reasons why starting 2023 with seafood is smart! You should start this year feeling proud of yourself and your commitment to regularly enjoying delicious seafood!


Did you know that people who eat fish regularly have a significantly lower risk of heart attacks, stroke, and death from heart disease?  Adding a steady dose of healthy seafood into your diet can reduce the chance of heart attack by up to 40%.

What is the magic?  Omega 3 fatty acids, my friend.  That is the healthy fat that helps perform important functions in your body.  The bottom line is that your body cannot produce the amount of omega 3s you need to survive so you must find another way to get that essential nutrient. 

Meaning:  You need to get Omega 3 fatty acids from the foods you eat!  Here at Fish Fixe, we keep that in mind when we step into our test kitchen.  We have created some seriously yummy, quick and easy recipes to help you get all the omega 3s you need to promote great heart health.  Here are the 3 most popular recipes on our website that are packed with Omega 3 and are sure to make you (and your heart) happy!

Fish Fixe Easy Air Fryer Salmon

Blackened Salmon Burrito Bowls

Kid Friendly Salmon Patties

We all know that getting enough sleep is essential.  There are ways to promote healthy sleep; such as turning off electronics before bed, decreasing your caffeine intake, and creating a soothing environment.  But, did you know that consuming seafood is another way to promote a quality night’s sleep? 

Fatty fish like salmon, cobia and trout provide a great source of vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids.  Those nutrients are imperative for regulating serotonin which is a huge player in healthy sleep. 


Your whole body (think brain, eyes, and immune system) is maintained by essential nutrients.  Guess what fulfills oh so many of those, SEAFOOD!  By having a consistent diet of Fish Fixe in your life, you are checking off nutrient intake such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, potassium, and more!  Good job, you, good job!


We are not going to pretend that eating a regular healthy dose of scallops for dinner is going to make it look like you just left the medspa after your last Botox treatment.  However, adding fatty fish into your diet such as salmon, mackerel, and herring CAN absolutely give you big time skin benefits. 

All those incredible Omega 3 fatty acids keep the surface of your skin thick, supple, and moisturized.  When you throw in lean protein, vitamins A and E; you are actually strengthening the skin’s cellular membrane. So if you are trying to find ways to protect and take care of the body’s largest organ you have been trusted with; wear sunscreen and eat more seafood!


Dinner time is easily one of the most stressful times of the day.  What will I make?  What do I have to thaw?  How long will this take to cook?  We get it!  Between running in the door from work and school and out the door for all the activities; you need something quick, easy, and healthy to put on the table for your family. 

Did you know that fish muscle fibers are much shorter than they are in beef?  Because of that, fish cooks quickly and there is no tenderizing to do.  Fish Fixe has you covered with a library of delicious recipes at The Fish Fixe Kitchen and each package comes with thaw, prep, and cooking instructions. 

Are you ready to stock your freezer? Visit Fish Fixe to get started.