There are endless ways to cook those cute little crustaceans, shrimp.  You can char them on the grill, fry them, cook them on a cedar plank, toss them in your air fryer, pan sear them, poach them and the list goes on.  They may win the title of Most Versatile Seafood.  👑

Adding to  their list of accomplishments, they also cook fast and we mean, don’t leave the kitchen fast.  So shrimp should be filed under weeknight meals to make in a pinch.  But there are some tips you should follow to ensure your dinner outcome is great!

  1. Leave the tails on while cooking.  This will add to the flavor and the tails can be removed once done cooking and cooled off.  Trust us, it’ll give the shrimp an added salty flavor.

  2. Season both sides of the shrimp, as some of the seasoning will come off in the pan.  This is a common rule for all proteins.  Don’t skimp on the second side.

  3. Salt, pepper, olive oil and paprika are all you need for flavorful shrimp.  Toss it all together, let it marinade for 10 minutes, and then start cooking.

  4. Citrus flavors (lemon, lime, orange) are the OGs of seafood seasoning and marinades.  Citrus may feel like a flavor of summer, but the best quality citrus grows during the winter.

  5. Make sure your shrimp are about room temperature (not fresh from the fridge cold) and patted REELY dry before you season and start cooking.  This will ensure the shrimp gets a beautiful sear and cooks evenly.

Feeling inspired to move your Fish Fixe Shrimp from freezer to fridge?  Let’s do it.  Here are some of our favorite ways to cook shrimp:

Shark Tank’s Favorite Shrimp Cocktail SauceWhen our founders appeared on Shark Tank, Melissa prepared her homemade shrimp cocktail sauce.   Fish Fixe walked away winners that day, but so did this sauce!

Orange Cashew Shrimp Stir Fry: This is one of those dishes where there’s salty, citrusy, crunchy and so much more packed into one dish.  Bonus: It’s a one-pot meal.  Bonus bonus: it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients.  Bonus bonus bonus: You’re going to want to post a picture of this.

Pasta Pescatore: If you don’t love seafood and pasta, please step to the back of the line.  In our world, seafood and pasta go together like hanky and panky.  This recipe adds scallops into the mix too, along with anchovies (don’t you even think about skipping the anchovies), tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese and more.  It is perfecto! And a great use for leftover pasta.