Best Holiday Gift Basket of 2023

This holiday season, Fish Fixe is offering individuals and companies the best holiday gift basket of 2023. It’s an alternative to the traditional wine, cheese and chocolate holiday gift baskets.  Delivered to your recipient’s door is an entire month’s worth of premium seafood, complete with hassle-free recipes.  Surprise and delight your clients, family or friends with 16 portions of high quality, sustainable, frozen fish, that’s two dinners a week for two, for A MONTH!

No gift can truly claim it’s a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ like seafood can.

Think about it – your recipient receives half a dozen gift baskets filled with chocolate, holiday cookies, a wedge of cheese and perhaps to top it all off – a single pear! As if that pear is going to negate all the processed junk.  But what if your client arrived home to find a box of nutrient-dense seafood  that could benefit the entire family?

So what are the magical properties of a Fish Fixe delivery and why choose it over a conventional holiday gift. 

  1. We’ll ship it straight to your recipient’s door within 3-5 days
  2. We have the answer for “what’s for dinner,” by providing convenient access to an assortment of premium seafood 
  3. We give households back precious time by providing a protein that can be prepped and cooked in under 12 minutes 
  4. Seafood contributes to brain and heart health, bolsters immune system and even supports mental well-being

The best holiday gift basket of 2023 has three options with all boxes shipping free and within 3-5 days.  Customized gift cards are also sold.

To purchase a single box visit  If you would like to work with the Fish Fixe team on a customized order of more than 5 boxes email: If you would like to order gift cards, please email:

We are ready to put a big ol’ red bow on your shipment and call holiday shopping, done!