Just like our founder, Melissa Harrington, Black Drum hails from South Louisiana.  It’s our newest product in our shop, and we’re especially excited about this one.  It’s often an underutilized fish, but those who live on the Gulf Coast know it’s a  delicious, versatile treasure.   Wild caught and harvested sustainably, Black Drum has a mild, sweet flavor with a flaky texture, and closely resembles its cousin the Redfish.

Black Drum may not be a pretty catch, as it’s often referred to as The Big Ugly, but it sure is a beauty once prepared.  The best way to showcase Black Drum is with its cajun roots. 

The new addition comes on the heels of Texas Redfish temporarily departing the Fish Fixe Shop.  After the Texas freeze in February of 2021, Redfish Farms along the Gulf Coast lost 99% of their inventory; a huge blow to the industry.  A more surprising statistic, Texas is home to nearly 98% of all Redfish farming in the United States.  It’s estimated it will take around 2-years for the Redfish farms to rebound and return to production.

Redfish Farmers were deeply impacted by this unprecedented weather storm that caused temperatures to drop below freezing and power to be out for days.  Farmers had a difficult time keeping their ponds from freezing and their fish safe.  What’s worse, many farmers had a pent up supply due to COVID when restaurants closed.  Millions and millions of dollars and fish were lost.

While Fish Fixe did not take a hit like the farmers, we too had to pivot to find a new fish to replace Redfish in our shop. Black Drum has a very similar flavor profile to Redfish and also comes from the Gulf Coast, so it was an easy addition to the Fish Fixe Family.  It’s important to us to keep consumption diversity in mind when selecting new products, as we want to contribute to keeping the oceans balanced.  When one species is over-fished the entire ecosystem is impacted.  

So if you’re ready to add Black Drum to your Fish Fixe box, visit here, to get started.