I’m staring out the window onto a beautiful, spring Texas evening.  The grass is green, the flowers are on full display and the tree canopies have begun to thicken up for summer.  Some would refer to this time as the Magic Hour of the day when Mother Nature is showing off.  

At Fish Fixe we have a duty to respect all of the earth’s God-given natural resources.  As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to invest in technology that helps safeguard marine resources, reduce our carbon footprint, use recyclable paper products and put more emphasis on sourcing locally.  We will continue to improve, and not just because it’s incredibly important to us, but it’s important to the Fish Fixe Family.

100% Recyclable

Last year we rolled out our fully recyclable shippers to all of our customers across the country.   No longer are we using bulky styrofoam that the earth can’t digest, but rather a thermal liner that holds the seafood and is surrounded by dry ice.   Once our customers unload their products in their freezers, the box AND thermal liner can be placed curbside for recycling.  No dismantling involved!  The new packaging also allowed us to transition from printed recipe cards (it was a disappointment to some, we’re sorry) to a QR code that leads customers to a bank of recipes in the Fish Fixe Kitchen.  Via the QR code, we’re now able to give the Fish Fixe Family more tools to be successful in the kitchen 👩🏽‍🍳

The new QR code on the Fish Fixe product bags.

Post Consumer Recycled Packaging

In addition to the shipping boxes and interior packaging becoming more eco-friendly, our product bags also got a green lift.  We found a new partner right up the road in Austin, Texas who offers post-consumer recycled packaging, often referred to as PCR.  

PCR is material that is made from items consumers recycle every day – aluminum, cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bottles. These materials are typically collected by local recycling programs and shipped to recycling facilities to be sorted into bales. The bales are then purchased and melted (or ground) into small pellets and molded into new items, like our product bags.

Fish Fixe product bags made out of Post Consumer Recycled Packaging

Day 1: Order Box…. Day 2-3: Receive Box

Many of you may have noticed that in recent months your boxes are arriving faster!  We de-centralized our main shipping center, moving operations from Houston to three new warehouses in the U.S. – Kansas, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  This allowed us to shorten the commute, and our footprint, with most boxes arriving within 1-3 days from placing your order. 

Our Love for the Gulf Coast

Now we can not claim to be 100% local, but we do put an emphasis on providing a great line-up of Gulf Coast species including shrimp, snapper and crawfish.  And we recently introduced Louisiana Black Drum to our shop.  By Supporting our fisherman in our backyard, the Gulf Coast, we  indirectly improve our community, and provide our third coast family with the products that feel like home to them. 

Investing in Aquaculture

It is our belief that caring for our great oceans  is not limited to responsibly sourcing wild caught fish, but also investing in innovative technology (open ocean and land based aquaculture) that takes a load off the ocean’s resources, and maintains a balance among species. 

We are a strong proponent of responsibly caught wild fish AND responsibly raised fish and believe that both methods are crucial elements to nourishing  a growing world population. 

Many consumers have heard conflicting things about farm-raised fish, and we hope to offer some insight.  We now farm nearly all the plants and land animals we consume.  An article in National Geographic noted that if humans were to turn to hunting for animal protein, we would consume all the wild land animals on Earth within a few weeks.  That is not sustainable.  Nowadays we farm about half the seafood consumed globally.  Aquaculture (raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants) was developed to avoid fishing the oceans dry and to take the pressure off of overfished resources.

When done responsibly and correctly, farmed fish can be a sustainable complement to wild fisheries by supporting local economies, and providing great-tasting, nutritious seafood to people all over the world, including communities that otherwise wouldn’t have access.  The innovation in aquaculture is truly remarkable and Fish Fixe is proud to support some of the best in the business.

Fish Fixe Cobia is open-ocean farm raised and ASC certified.

Farm Raised Fish Certifications

We work with farms that have acquired an Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification.  The organization is the world’s leading certification for farmed seafood, and the ASC label only appears on food from farms that have been independently assessed and certified as being environmentally and socially responsible.  Our Grouper, Cobia, and Norwegian Salmon have all achieved ASC certification, and are held to the strictest standards in the industry. 

At Fish Fixe we will continue to move the needle forward on aquaculture, keeping our carbon footprint short and finding the most responsibly raised fish.  You can learn more about our products here.