Cooking Rut? We’ve got 3 Tips to Relieve It

We’ve all been there. You’re tired of the same ol’ mumbo-jumbo you throw on the stove.  Your kids’ eye rolls say it all, they’re sick of it as well. It’s hard coming up with endless dinner options that tick the nutritional box, the kid-friendly box, the husband friendly box, the delicious box, oh and don’t forget, a pinch to make at 6:00pm.

Well, we have three tips coming straight out of the Fish Fixe Kitchen that should help alleviate the stress of cooking every-dang-day.  Or at least provide a different perspective…

Find and follow a new recipe to the T.  And preferably one that’s not in your wheelhouse.

Crack open one of your dusty cookbooks and turn to a recipe that you wouldn’t normally choose, follow it word for word.  Do not skip an ingredient because it isn’t in your pantry.  Go out and buy it!  Or ask a neighbor to borrow it.

Not only might you end up with a new favorite, but your taste buds will be exposed to new flavors, expanding your palate.  It’s hard to break from old familiar habits, but curing a cooking rut takes pushing beyond your comfort level.

Our favorite places to find new recipes are the New York Times cooking section, our friend, Defined Dish or subscribe to a monthly magazine such as or Bon Appetite.  We also love our Instagram friend, My Diary of Us or Tasting.with.Tina.  Or dare we even say it…get yourself on TikTok and head on down that rabbit hole of recipes.

The Buddy System

More than likely you aren’t the only one in a cooking rut, and we are sure someone in your circle could use a buddy to find their way out as well.  So phone a friend. 

Find an unfamiliar recipe that peaks both your interests and cook on the same night.  Take photos, share experiences, even post about it.  If it works out, do it again, but take turns choosing the recipe so you experience someone else’s preferences.

At Fish Fixe, we have a group text and some nights, when we’re all cooking seafood, we’ll share our meals and recipes. It gives us accessible inspiration.  Melissa normally takes the award for best looking meal and probably most adventurous, and well the rest of us just try to put something on the table that passes our family’s taste test 😉

If ya’ll want us to cook alongside you, DM us.  We’re always up for the buddy system.

Embrace Weekly Traditions: Taco Tuesdays and Spaghetti Sundays

Most of us succeed with a little bit of guidance so apply that to your weekly menu.  If you have a theme, it takes the pressure off and fends off the decision fatigue.

Taco Tuesdays are a great way to check off one out of however-many-nights you’re cooking at home. They can easily be manipulated to appeal to everyone’s tastes.  Large family – create a taco bar so everyone’s favorites are on display and little ones can assemble their own. 

Every week doesn’t need to be the same vessel –  crunchy taco shells,  tortillas or a taco bowl.  How about trying our new Shrimp Baked Tacos?

Seafood + pasta is a favorite in the Fish Fixe Kitchen.  It’s warm, satisfying and again can easily be adapted per whats in your pantry.  Plus many pasta dishes are one pot meals, so dishes are less and we are happier.  You will not be disappointed with this (somewhat) skinny southern dish, Shrimp Pasta with a Skinny Cajun Cream.

Or simply stick with Seafood Sundays,  Pizza Saturdays, Fridge Forage Fridays or Sandwich Wednesdays, the list goes on.   You pick a theme, stick with it, and you’ll be sure to keep yourself out of the cooking rut!

Now that you’re inspired to tackle cooking again, check out the Fish Fixe Kitchen or follow us on Instagram