A New Cut of Cobia, a Cut Above

You may have noticed there is something different about the Fish Fixe Cobia lately.  Perhaps you can’t put a finger on it.  It tastes the same, and provides the same benefits, but something just isn’t quite like it was.  Shall we tell you?  Let us go on a short journey first. 

We introduced Cobia to the Fish Fixe Shop about two years ago, and as we had hoped, it sailed to the top of everyone’s orders.  The mild white fish appeals to both children and adults, easy to prepare and is incredibly versatile.  It’s premium enough to serve Sashimi style, yet can be cubed and breaded to appeal to young ones.  And to boot, it’s raised in a very forward-thinking aquafarm that supports sustainability and better oceans for tomorrow.

But as Cobia settled into the shop, we began hearing from customers that there was great love for the fish, but in some cases, cooking it proved to be tricky.  The triangular shape was a stumbling block, and a bit cumbersome to cook to an even temperature. 

Honestly, we too cook with the Fish Fixe products and felt the same! So we took the valuable feedback and went to work.  We landed on a new cut that is more in line with a traditional fillet in both shape and size and has a uniform consistency making it much easier to cook to perfection.

You’ll be happy to know, the beautiful, flake-by-fork, delicious taste will not change. And you can continue to sear it, grill it, air fry it and more.  While our previous portion of Cobia made slicing sashimi a breeze, this cut may also be prepared sashimi style with a little more work with your knife!

Cobia is now available in the Fish Fixe Shop to add to your next box!

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