An Update From our Founders

12/4/21 Update

Due to both our distribution center expansion and capacity shortages in the supply chain brought on by increased Holiday volume, our original plan of resuming shipping the first week of December is delayed one week.

While we planned for and communicated a three week shipping delay to account for our transition and increased Shark Tank volumes, we never intended for an additional week delay in the plan.  We are disappointed and we know some of you are too.

We realize that this is not ideal and it deeply pains us to miss your expectations.  Truly, we read and respond to every chat and email and feel every emotion that comes with it.

We are dealing with some unforeseen obstacles that arose within our distribution expansion as well as capacity limitations in the supply chain and with our carriers who are experiencing extremely high package volumes.  The obstacles have resulted in missed timelines and ultimately further delayed your order from shipping.

As of now, orders placed between 11/12/2021 and 12/4/21 will begin shipping on December 13th. We will be shipping orders in the order we received them.

We realize that for some of you this means that you will have waited over a month for your box to be delivered and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Typically, we ship orders in less than a week turnaround and we will return to that schedule in the New Year.

We will update you with a more specific ship date window the moment it becomes clear.

Here is what you can expect moving forward:

**If our order was purchased as a gift and the shipping timeline misses your gifting expectation, we are happy to create a digital, printable card for you to give the recipient for presentation purposes OR convert the order to a custom gift card that allows the recipient to shop online at their convenience.  Please reach out to our gifting team at to coordinate**

We are so very happy to have you in the Fish Fixe Family and we truly appreciate your support of our small (growing) company.  Soon, the ship will be sailing in clear skies – please stay on board for the ride! 

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to bump your order back to after the Holidays to start January off with a freezer full of heart-healthy seafood proteins – please reach out to us!  We are standing by to help!

Hugs and fishes,

Emily and Melissa

A Note From our Founders

11/23/21 Update

To our Fish Fixe Family,

The waves are starting to settle from our Shark Tank debut and we are climbing out of a sea of emails and chat messages from our amazing new customers – like YOU!

First off, we’d like to personally thank YOU for your support of our small business.  It truly means a great deal to us that you spent your hard-earned money on our seafood service and we can’t wait to get our products into your kitchen OR delivered to that special someone that you sent a box to.

Secondly, we sincerely appreciate your grace and understanding in regards to our temporary shipping schedule.  While we wish we could have stuck to our normal weekly turnaround on orders – Shark Tank (as you can imagine) requires special handling and we are going through extra precautions to make sure that your order arrives in pristine condition. We did our best to communicate our plan pre-purchase in our store as well as in order confirmation emails as we realize 3 weeks is a long time to wait for your Fish Fixe! Good news, the expansion to our new distribution centers is going smoothly and as planned we will begin preparing orders the week of 11/29 for shipment during the first weeks of December.

So when will your box ship?

By the end of next week, we will have a set ship date for your box and will communicate your ship date via email.

Here’s what you can expect next:

Again, we are so very happy to have you in the Fish Fixe Family and we look forward to serving you and yours with heart-healthy seafood proteins!

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions, concerns, or just would like to say Hi! We are standing by!