Holiday Seafood Appetizers

We’re just going to say it, appetizers are the star of the show.  It’s the meal before the meal, and usually it’s when you’re on the verge of being HANGRY.  Those apps are just so satisfying. 

Whether you’re preparing for Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve or simply inviting your favorite friends over for wine, we have some holiday seafood appetizers that will wet everyone’s appetite. Here are our latest and greatest new appetizer recipes that can be whipped up in a pinch, and devoured within minutes. 

Encourage your guests to come hungry, and be on time, because they SHORE-LY won’t want to miss these.

The Best Seafood Appetizers


You’ll need 1 portion of Fish Fixe Crab Cakes

Our Crab Cakes are incredibly versatile.  Have you seen our friend Chef Jean-Paul turn them into a Crab Cake Fried Rice?  Do not sleep on that recipe. They’re unforgettable.

This appetizer stemmed from a very insistent mother of our Resident Chef looking for an artichoke dip recipe that included a bit of seafood.  She wanted to wow her guests but also fuel them with some protein.  We all know some of the best things start without Mom.


You’ll need 1 portion of Fish Fixe Salmon, Crab or Jalapeño Cakes

When we serve these Cake Bites we feel a bit like  an imposter because they’re THAT easy yet gone in a blink of an eye.   Pull out your air fryer, divide and roll each cake into 3-4 balls and pop them into the air fryer basket at 400º for 10-12 minutes.

Serve them warm!

Assemble a dipping sauce or sauces and you are done.  We love:

Lemon Aioli

Cocktail Sauce

Spicy Mayo 


You’ll need 1-2 portions of Fish Fixe Shrimp

While we’re categorizing these as appetizers, they can absolutely be a meal for one or two. Using the jalpeño pepper as the vessel, it’s filled with ooey-gooey cheese, shrimp and wrapped in bacon.  It’s basically the bomb 💣of appetizers.

holiday appetizers featuring seafood


You’ll need 1-2 portions of Fish Fixe Shrimp

If you like shrimp then the world is your oyster when it comes to seafood appetizers.  The small shellfish are quick to cook, easy to flavor and so multi-talented.  When Fish Fixe appeared on Shark Tank, we knew the Shrimp Cocktail was going to be a fast win to wow the judges, and bait them for an offer.  This Shrimp Cocktail recipe did the trick.  Do not shimp on the sauce as that is truly the cherry on top. 


You will need 1-2 portions of Fish Fixe Cobia

Sashimi Style Cobia paired with a spicy ponzu sauce is an impressive little appetizer that can be put together in a matter of minutes.  No cooking required!  One essential tool is a sharp knife to ensure the cobia is sliced thin.

Cobia is a buttery, white fish that can be grilled or eaten raw as sushi or sashimi, and it’s rich in Omega-3s and other vitamins and nutrients.  Our Fish Fixe Family loves it and it shows by how fast it flies from our freezers.

holiday appetizers featuring seafood


You will need 1-2 portions of Fish Fixe Shrimp

Brushchetta, everyone’s favorite Italian appetizer, and a great addition to any Feast of Seven Fishes menu, works beautifully with shrimp.   The trick to make this an outstanding starter is to use good quality, fresh sour dough and toast it just right. 

You can get creative when building your Bruschetta nites but the main ingredients should always include fresh tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil and garlic. 


You will need 1-2 portions of Fish Fixe Scallops

We have saved the best for last.  Many believe scallops are a treat and save them for fine dining, but in reality they are incredibly easy to cook and require little effort and ingredients.  These lemon garlic scallops please any seafood fan, and make a decadent appetizer.