Organic Spice Blends Now Onboard

Humans were designed to experience flavor.  You crave pure ingredients but make it convenient.  We wanted the same thing.  So we are deeply proud to bring you our new collection of spice blends from Fish Fixe. The four new spice blends are wholesome, clean, and delicious, and eliminate the need for a ton of prep work.

They’re practically PREP-LESS!

We decided to evolve from offering one spice blend, to four bespoke blends, all with different flavor palettes and intended for various proteins, vegetables and more.

We will spare you the food chemistry lesson, but in our efforts to add more spice blends to the Fish Fixe lineup, we faced a significant challenge of doing that without adding any yucky, undesirable, or hidden ingredients.

Crafted in small batches, these natural blends include all organic ingredients. This means there are:

These blends are perfect for preparing all kinds of proteins in your kitchen, and we’re confident that all 10,000 of your taste buds will absolutely fall in love with them. 

Fish Fixe Citrus spice blend
The Citrus One by Fish Fixe

You can shop today for your new go-to spice blends.

Ready to start using your new spice blend collection, check out our latest recipes: