I think we can officially say, summer is on its way.  At least in Texas it is and we’re already settled into 90º days 🥵 Along with high temps, the summer also brings grilling season, but for some, grilling is not a convenient option and they rely on their stovetop or oven to do all the hard work.  

The good news is, those without a grill, don’t have to miss out on kabobs or other grilling favorites. All you’ll need to do is turn your oven broiler to high and add the oven rack about 4″ from the top of the oven. From there you can start indoor “grilling.” At high temperature the broiler will reach about 500-550º, so you’ll want to cook your proteins for a bit longer than what you would on the grill. If you cook your kabobs on the grill for 3-4 minutes per side, you’ll want to cook them in the oven for 5 minutes per side. It’s just a slightly bit longer.

For more ways to make the most out of grilling season, see below:

So are you ready to pull your Fish Fixe from the fridge and get grilling? Here are some of our summer favorites. And for more recipes visit The Fish Fixe Kitchen.