Valentine’s Date Night At Home with Fish Fixe

Oh, Valentine’s Day. We hate to love it. We love to hate it.

Restaurants are packed. Dinner is overpriced. And you can’t find a babysitter. No wonder so many people choose to celebrate Valentine’s date night at home instead of venturing out into an overrated abyss.

But don’t you worry, a date night at home on February 14 is no second place trophy. Oh no no no. A date night at home has the potential to be memorable and certainly offers more magic than a predictable set menu at a restaurant. We know there are endless possibilities on how you could spend your Valentine’s Day evening, but our vote is near and dear to our seafood loving hearts; a date night in the kitchen featuring Fish Fixe and you.

Our co-founder and resident chef, Melissa Harrington, has been busy creating 3 memorable recipes for Valentine’s date night at home and make this year extra special. So from our kitchen to yours, here are our top recipe picks for your Valentine’s date night at home:

Chimichurri Scallops

Talk about a date night recipe. Scallops are always a winner and this recipe will remind you why. The fresh herbs and scallops are a match made in Valentine’s Day heaven. This is stunning as an appetizer but can hold its own as a main dish.

valentine's day at home with Chimichurri Scallops
Chimichurri Scallops

Pan Fried Black Drum with Tomato and Artichoke Ragu

This is a grab your date and a good bottle of wine kind of recipe. It takes time, but the final product is absolutely worth the slower pace it takes to create this dish. It is breathtaking when plated and will leave you feeling like a true 5 star chef.

valentine's day at home with pan fried black drum

Freshwater Rainbow Trout Almondine

This fish has a tender, medium texture that will flake right off the fork. Light seasoning and a squeeze of a lemon go a long way to enhance the trout’s mild flavor. Perfect for a date night meal but will surely become a weeknight staple in your kitchen as well.

Valentine's Day at home with Freshwater rainbow trout

We hope your final date night dish will be beautiful and delicious. But even more than that; we hope you make sweet new memories with your person. You have rich conversation and good wine. We hope the kids stay upstairs and the dog doesn’t bark when you sit down to eat. We hope your cheeks hurt from smiling and you leave the dishes in the sink. We hope your precious heart is full and your belly is too.

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