What is Direct to Consumer Seafood?

Consumers first started reaping the benefits of Direct-to-Consumer offerings when the likes of Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club arrived onto the market around 2010.  These companies paved the way for others to cut out the middleman and form key relationships with their customers first hand, rather than relying on larger organizations to sell their products.   

With the development of Direct-to-Consumer businesses, customers experienced better communication, clever packaging, Instagram-worthy unboxing experiences, sourcing transparency, and much more.

What is Direct-to-Consumer seafood?

Direct to Consumer Seafood is seafood shipped directly to customers in a matter of days after purchasing online.  D2C cuts out the middleman, ie: the grocery stores.  It allows Fish Fixe customers to select the most premium cuts of fish from the best fishing waters, and receive a frozen seafood delivery no matter where they live in the United States.  

How We Keep Fish Fresh When Shipping

You may be wondering how seafood stays fresh while shipping?  Well, we literally freeze in the freshness.  We believe that “freshness can be frozen” when you properly harvest and care for seafood. Our fish are caught, portioned and frozen within hours of leaving the ocean.  

Once the frozen fish arrives at Fish Fixe, we pack them in dry ice and a recyclable cooler and send them on their journey to the customer.  All boxes are slated to arrive within 2-4 days while the dry ice stays frozen.  Once the customer receives their frozen seafood delivery, fish are loaded into the freezer and placed on stand-by for dinner.

So you’re probably wondering, well why wouldn’t I just buy “fresh” fish from the grocery store?

(PF) means PREVIOUSLY FROZEN.  As in that fish was caught, frozen, thawed and then placed on ice for sale.   So the question is, do you really know how long it has been thawed for?  No, no you don’t.

So think about this, if fish are properly harvested and frozen immediately, the freshness will be sealed in, and the customer will taste it when they thaw it for the first and only time at home.

Your Favorite Seafood is Local Again

Let’s talk about your favorite seafood.  Perhaps you’re from New England and love North Atlantic scallops, but you live on the West Coast now.   You head to the grocery store and what-do-you-know, you find yourself in the same predicament above:  How fresh are those scallops? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ 

This is when direct-to-consumer seafood comes into play. 

You can purchase your favorite North Atlantic scallops and your favorite Gulf Coast shrimp in the same order and have them delivered to your door within days.  Since we’ve frozen them fresh at the source, you can guarantee your favorites will taste like your favorites.  Not that fresh-frozen-thawed-sitting in a cooler – fish.

How We Select Our Suppliers & Inventory

Our founders have been in the seafood and live lobster business for nearly 15 years.  They’ve carefully crafted a rolodex of the best fisherman and fishing families from around the world.  With strict standards that meet certifications, we provide products that do not have added antibiotics, chemicals or GMOs.   We  offer our customers the most natural, purest fish on the planet. 
If you’d like to order a seafood subscription, or simply start with one seafood delivery, visit www.fishfixe.com