In celebration of October’s National Seafood Month we’re challenging Americans to swap chicken for seafood and reap the benefits of nutrient packed, easy to prepare seafood proteins!

For decades chicken has been the protein that many households choose for dinner.   They opt for land protein on a regular weeknight, but surveys have shown consumers save seafood for restaurant dining.  But the tides are changin’!

Direct to consumer brands, like Fish Fixe, along with a growing focus and interest on health and wellness have provided more education than ever on the benefits of seafood.  Cooking demonstrations are a dime a dozen on social platforms, and homecooks are seeing how straightforward and convenient cooking with fish can be.

Everything is now in place to make you a success with seafood in your home kitchen, and we challenge you to take your favorite chicken recipe and add a portion of fish instead.

Here are four reasons why YOU SHOULD swap chicken for seafood this week.

Seafood is now more accessible than ever
The frozen seafood market has opened doors for consumers and allowed them to have access to a variety of fish, not just species that are found in their local waters.  Fish Fixe and other companies flash freeze their fish at the source.  This means fish are frozen within hours after being caught, literally freezing in the freshness.

The longer shelf life of frozen fish has given consumers convenience to thaw the fish on their timeline, not the timeline of the grocery store piece in the fridge.   This also means you’ll always have a stock of seafood in your freezer at the ready!  Dinner dilemma? Pull out a piece of fish and within hours it’ll be thawed and ready for prep. 

Frozen seafood = less food waste
Just admit it, you’ve probably tossed a full portion of uncooked fish because life got in the way and you opted for dinner delivery instead.  It’s a shame isn’t it?  And a waste of money.   But think if you had a freezer stocked full of frozen fish.  You could make that dinner time decision closer to dinner time, so there’s less chance of plans changing.  Keeping good quality food out of the trash should be a priority for everyone, right?

Seafood can be prepped and cooked in under 20 minutes
In far less time than chicken, seafood can be thawed, prepped and cooked for a delicious, wholesome and nutritious meal.   A simple seasoning of salt + pepper, garlic powder and a fresh squeeze of lemon can produce a satisfying meal that’s a fit for the entire family. Throw together a mixed salad bag and BOOM.

Fish Fixe Kitchen is a recipe database stocked full of recipes that even a novice home chef can accomplish.  We have all different ranks of cooks in the Fish Fixe Family and we cater to everyone. 

Seafood is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients 
We’re finally starting to see seafood get the spotlight it has deserved for years.  Registered
Dieticians, those in the health and wellness field, and companies like Fish Fixe are finally
being heard, as we promote seafood’s tremendous benefits.   Fish is a lean protein and it
not only  improves brain and heart health but research has shown it helps fight off major
bouts of depression and fights inflammation.

If you’re still questioning why you should choose seafood over chicken a couple nights a week, we’ve laid it all out for you below.   We’ve done a side by side comparison of sockeye salmon versus chicken breast and well, we’ll let you be the judge of what you want to serve your family tonight.

6 oz. sockeye salmon, cooked6 oz.  chicken breast, cooked
Omega-3 Fatty Acids1,727mg82mg
Potassium, K741.2mg583.1mg
Vitamin B127.6 µg0.3μg
Vitamin D28.4μg0

According to the USDA, “Increased consumption of omega-3s can prevent chronic diseases and improve rheumatoid arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular function and fetal growth and development.  Omega-3 fatty acids also act as anti-inflammatory mediators.”  Research has also shown that when eaten regularly, seafood can help prevent major bouts of depression.

To help you put chicken on the back burner this October, we’ve developed the recipe, Lemon Basil Butter Halibut over Spinach Orzo Pasta.  A recipe where chicken is usually the star, but halibut (or another white fish) replaces the land protein.  This dish will take you 15-20 minutes to prepare and can feed a family of 4-5.  It’s a winning combination with vitamin rich halibut, fan favorite pasta and super food spinach.

If you’re looking for more ways to swap that land protein for seafood, check out Fish Fixe Kitchen.