Yellowfin Tuna Returns to the Fish Fixe Shop

Here’s your oppor-TUNA-ty to learn more about our new product!

Have you ever had dinner with an old friend, someone you hadn’t seen in years, and you fell right back into step with each other?  You didn’t miss a beat, and you quickly remembered why you were such good friends.  Well, you may have a similar love-struck feeling when our “new” Tuna lands back on your plate. 

Fish Fixe’s new wild caught, Yellowfin Tuna is from the gorgeous island nation of The Maldives in the Indian Ocean.  Talk about a tropical beginning! It is caught on day boats by local Maldivian fishermen using a traditional pole and line method, then brought back to shore daily, where processing starts.

When you unpack your Fish Fixe Tuna, you’ll see that it is the beautiful shade of natural, a deep purple color.  As with all the Fish Fixe products, our Yellowfin Tuna has never been treated with chemicals or preservatives, so you’ll find it in its original God-given state.  There’s enough funky stuff in our foods these days, let Fish Fixe be a brand you can count on for quality and clarity.

A little secret, that we’re gladly willing to spill, some of the tuna you see on the market is a bright watermelon color.  Although may be appealing, it has been treated to artificially preserve the color and prevent the natural oxidation process that happens when the filet meets oxygen. 

Yellowfin Tuna is highly desired as it’s of sashimi grade and perfect for poke bowls and sushi.  It’s a firm, meaty texture with a mild flavor.  Lightly sear it with a coarse pepper crust, marinate it and add it to the grill or simply eat raw with your favorite soy sauce.  You’ll be wow’d with the premium quality of the fish. 

And lastly, (as if you need another reason to add it to your box) tuna is a favorite among athletes as it’s high in protein, yet low in calories.  It will keep your body fueled without that over-full feeling.  It also has a rich source of potassium, which contributes to stabilizing blood pressure levels, and contains vital nutrients such as selenium, zinc, and vitamin C, all of which boost immunity.

So if you’re ready to get cooking, here is a simple, 15 minute, no-cooking-required meal. Ladies + Gents, THIS is the perfect lunch.  And if you’re looking for more recipes, visit the Fish Fixe Kitchen.

Cucumber Ginger Salad with Sashimi Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

You will need (2) 6-ounce portions of Fish Fixe Tuna

Cucumber Salad


  1. Prepare the rice according to package instructions
  2. Combine all ingredients for cucumber salad in a medium bowl, and set in the refrigerator to marinate
  3. Prepare the tuna according to the package instructions
  4. Pat the tuna reely dry with a paper towel
  5. Slice into very thin pieces and return to refrigerator
  6. After 20 minutes, pull the salad from the refrigerator and pour some of the juice from the salad onto the sliced tuna and stir lightly to coat the tuna
  7. Assemble the dish – plate rice followed by the cucumber salad, finishing with the sliced tuna on top
  8. Garnish with whatever you prefer (sesame seeds, green onion, sriracha mayo etc) and enjoy!