Your most frequently asked questions about Fish Fixe. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Fish Fixe is a frozen seafood delivery service specializing in perfectly portioned, premium seafood products that have been frozen at the peak of freshness.  

shop.FishFixe.com includes options to curate your own 16-portion box, or let our Fishmonger select your 16 portions for you.  

We offer: 

  • Half Pack (8 portions)
  • Pack and a Half (24 portions)
  • Our brand new organic Spice Blend Pack consisting of The Original One, The Citrus One, The Bold One and The Cajun One

Our 16 portion boxes feed two people, two times a week for a month.   

We offer a variety of fish including salmon, shrimp, scallops, mahi, cobia and more. 

Absolutely not! You may place a one time Fish Fixe order or set up a recurring orders and save 5% – but don’t worry you can easily pause, cancel or edit your recurring orders at any time without penalty! Remember, free shipping applies to ALL orders.


If you are a current subscriber and have questions, please email contact@fishfixe.com 

Recurring orders may be paused or cancelled at any time for any reason.  You may also move back your delivery date to fit within your schedule, and before your order reoccurs, you can adjust the products.  All of these changes can be managed through your member portal or by emailing: contact@fishfixe.com 

16 portions allows two adults to get their recommended two servings of seafood per week for an entire month. 


If you have more than two seafood lovers in your house you can always double up or make your order recurring every two weeks! We also offer a Pack + a Half which is 24 portions of your preferred fish.


If you have a special request or want to double up your order please email us – we’d love to help you out! contact@fishfixe.com

Product Questions

Yes! On the backside of the product bag, you’ll find 2-3 recipes created with that specific protein in mind.  The recipe is intended to be fool-proof and allow all our customers – from novice to experienced home chef – to be successful in the kitchen.  For more recipes, and ones that cater to the novice and expert home chef, visit The Fish Fixe Kitchen

A portion is a cut of fish taken from a whole fillet.  All of our portions are 6 oz. or more because we believe that it is the perfect sized entree portion.

Great question!

We believe that “Freshness can be Frozen” when you properly harvest and care for seafood. Our fish are caught, portioned and frozen within hours of leaving the ocean.  We literally freeze in the freshness.  We also prefer the convenience of frozen over fresh because frozen means less waste as home cooks can defrost only what is needed and save the rest for later.

Our background is in the seafood processing and distribution business and we know first hand how a complicated distribution system takes its toll on seafood.  By the time most seafood makes it to the big retailers it can be a week or two past its harvest date. 

You may have noticed the (PF) designation by many of the seafood selections at your local market.  The (PF) means that the fish fillet has been previously frozen and thawed for sale.  In practical terms, if that fish was properly harvested and frozen immediately it could be almost as fresh as the day it was caught, but how long has it been sitting in that seafood case?  The answer is – you just won’t know.

 BOTH! We believe there needs to be a balance of aquaculture and sustainable fishing practices to protect and preserve our natural resources and continue to feed a growing population.  

All of our proteins are untreated: No Antibiotics – No GMO’s – No Chemicals – no additives EVER! 

You can read more about our current selection here.

Our Wild Caught selections include:

Red Snapper, New England Scallops, Mahi, Gulf Shrimp, Icelandic Haddock, Alaskan Salmon and Yellow Fin Tuna 

Our Farm Raised selections include:

Norwegian Salmon, Ocean Raised Cobia and Freshwater Rainbow Trout

*All our aquaculture partners are certified by Best Aquaculture Practices and Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the two leading U.S. certifications.*

Fish Fixe Boxes is delivered with 8 proteins, and 2 portions per bag.  That’s (16) 6 oz. portions of premium seafood. The price is $159 for a Fish Fixe Box and $169 for a Fixe Your Own Box – ALL BOXES SHIP FOR FREE

Yes! We offer rewards for our loyal customers who love to share Fish Fixe! The current customer earns money back, and the future customer does as well! Everybody wins and with little effort. 

Click here.

Yes! Each product bag has thaw and prep instructions displayed on the back of the bag. Lost your bag? No problem! Click on the button below to find all prep instructions. 

Click here

We do not sell sauces (yet). However, in December of 2023, we introduced our line up of high quality, organic spice blends that includes The Original One, The Citrus One, The Cajun One and The Bold One. 

Crafted in small batches, these natural blends include all organic ingredients.  Which means there are: 

  • no artificial ingredients
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • no artificial colors 
  • no MSG
  • no GMO’s
  • And Gluten Free! 


In November of 2021, we fed the Shark Tank judges a shrimp cocktail sauce, a recipe our Founder and Resident Chef, Melissa, created. If you want to make this sauce at home, visit the Fish Fixe Kitchen


You can also find our favorite seafood sauces, seasonings and marinades here

All of our fish and shellfish arrive in their natural state, just portioned and frozen.  We leave the seasoning up to you!

You can reference the FDA website for dietary information for the individual proteins.  You will want to multiply the values by (2) as our proteins are 6 oz.

You can find the ingredient list and nutritional information for our cakes here.  

Our Cakes are not gluten free. You can find full nutritional information here


We ship to all 48 contiguous states – for FREE! We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

All Fish Fixe boxes are shipped via FedEx Ground Home Delivery in 100% curbside recyclable boxes. The boxes are packed with dry ice and a thermal insert to ensure proper temperature upon delivery.  Our shipping standard is a 1-2 day delivery window. 

We ship weekly on Monday and Thursday.  Boxes ship in the order they are received.

Orders placed on Sunday and Wednesday after 4pm will not depart our facility until the next shipping day. All shipments are pending availability. 

If you have questions regarding this policy, please email contact@fishfixe.com 

You will receive a tracking notification when your order ships, along with a notification when your box is out for delivery.

Fish Fixe ships perishable items, so there can be times when a box will arrive thawed.  If that happens, we will make it right for the customer. 

Orders should be inspected upon delivery and claims should be requested within 12 hours of delivery by emailing contact@fishfixe.comPlease send a photo of your products and packing slip when making a claim.  All products should arrive frozen and maintain a refrigerator-like temperature – cold to the touch. 


Email us at contact@fishfixe.com with any questions. 

We’ve got shipping covered on ALL orders.

Please send an email to contact@fishfixe.com within 12 hours of receiving your box.  Please include a photo of the thawed product, how many bags of dry ice were included, and any details on its delivery. 

Our boxes are packed with enough ice plus extra to keep the products cold for the 1-2 day shipping journey, but things do happen and we always want to make sure our customers enjoy the fish they ordered. 

If you are missing a product, please email contact@fishfixe.com with a photo of the bags you did receive, plus your packing slip.  

We will either issue you a refund for the missing product, or ship out the missing product. 

Account Management

Please log into your account here to review your product selections and previous orders. 

If you have any questions or want to verify your product selection changes please email us at contact@fishfixe.com.  

In November of 2022, we rolled out a new customer platform.  All existing customers need to re-set their password to visit their profile and existing orders.  To re-set you password, please visit here. Please use your email address already affiliated with your Fish Fixe account. 

We promise it won’t take more than a couple minutes. 

If you are a new customer and would like to set up a log-in, please visit here

All recurring orders created after 2/16/23 will be eligible for our “Subscribe and Save” Subscription Program. When you start a subscription, you will now receive 5% off every recurring order! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU! Don’t worry, you will still be able to pause, skip or cancel at anytime! 

*Subscribe and Save does not apply to customers with recurring orders created prior to 2/17/2023- you are grandfathered into your (lower) pricing before the February 2023 price increase. If you have any questions or concerns with your account, please reach out to our Customer Care Team- contact@fishfixe.com