We are sad to see you go! Please follow the steps below to cancel your recurring order and please be sure to leave us your feedback. We genuinely care to hear from you!


From www.fishfixe.com click on "Get Your Fixe" from the navigation bar. Then click "Account Login" to log in to your Fish Fixe account. **If you are attempting to login and are receiving an error message stating that you do not have an account - please reach out to us so that we can resend your account activation link. Our system does allow orders to be placed without creating an account**


After you have logged into your account click on "Manage Subscription."

Step 3

Click on "I need to make changes" at the bottom of the order grid.


Click on "Cancel Subscription" to cancel your recurring order. We are sad to see you go! Please offer your feedback - we'd love to hear it! Good, bad or indifferent!

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