We take the guesswork out of buying and preparing seafood.

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We help you incorporate the health benefits of seafood into your dinner routine by shipping premium, easy to prepare seafood to your door.

You love seafood.
You know it's good for you.
So why aren't you eating it for dinner?


We get it. Seafood is highly persishable and your time is limited. We know you don’t have time for daily grocery store runs – but that shouldn’t keep you from being able to thrive on the health benefits of seafood! We founded Fish Fixe so that you could have premium, portioned, nutrient dense seafood proteins anytime you wanted them.

Buying Seafood is Confusing

Have you ever stared into the seafood case at your local market utterly confused by the labeling or generally unimpressed by what you see? Have you had a great experience at your market only to have a second experience completely miss the boat? Fish Fixe can help you bring clarity to where your seafood comes from and consistent quality to your dinner table.

I don't know if I can cook it

You can! High quality seafood doesn’t require much! A sprinkle of salt and pepper and a quick 7 minute sear will have you ringing the dinner bell. And the best part? Fish Fixe seafood proteins are consistent in size and quality making your favorite recipes easily repeatable.

Hungry yet?

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We've got perfectly, portioned premium seafood ready to meet you.