Thaw, prep, fixe, repeat.

We aim to make cooking seafood simple. Follow our fool-proof thaw and prep seafood instructions below and you will be on your way to a heart healthy meal! Have questions?

Our proteins.

We go to great lengths to bring you the freshest seafood possible; harvested, processed and flash-frozen to preserve the inherent natural quality.

Our Fish Fixe proteins are vacuum sealed and frozen within days of harvest to preserve the quality and to prevent oxidation or “freezer burn.” For vacuum-packed seafood, the barrier should be broken prior to thawing, to prevent growth of potentially harmful anaerobic (grows in absence of oxygen) bacteria. 

Slow, controlled thawing under refrigeration (at minimum overnight) with preparation and consumption as soon as possible, will further ensure best quality. Although there are no associated food safety risks, rapid thawing can result in textural degradation of the proteins.